Coriorcco Gold Project


Coriorcco is a 2,000-hectares concession package with 17 known Au-Ag mineralized veins at surface with widths ranging from 1.0 to 2.5 meters within a 700-meter by 800-meter zone of intense hydrothermal alterations related to epithermal mineralization (the “Coriorcco Dome Structure”). The project is located 80 km east of Peru’s  Pan American highway in San Juan Lucanas Province, Ayacucho region of southern Peru, and is accessible by paved road to within 5 km of the project and has potential for stand-alone development.

Coriorcco is one of several zones within the San Juan de Lucanas mining district with outcropping quartz vein-hosted gold and silver mineralization hosted by the strongly silicified and less argillized volcanic. The Coriorcco Dome Structure is exposed through quaternary cover. The dome measures approximately 700 x 800 metres and hosts 17 epithermal quartz, quartz-carbonate and quartz-carbonate-adularia veins along with lesser veins. The most common vein orientations are northwest and east-northeast, typical of the Andean Trend and antithetic transform structures. Veins pinch and swell along-strike and with depth. Vein Three and Vein Six are the two most significant structures and have been mapped at surface striking approximately east-northeast for 280 metres and 405 metres respectively and traced to depth in historical mine workings down to -60 metres below surface.

The San Juan de Lucanas Mining District has been subject to artisanal, and small-scale mining since pre-colonial times. Miners have intermittently exploited veins for precious and base metals throughout the District.

Exploration & Geology

The Coriorcco Dome Structure hosts 17 epithermal quartz, quartz-carbonate, and quartz-carbonate-adularia veins plus smaller vein splays. Veins are confined to faulted structures, the most common vein orientations are northwest and east-northeast, these orientations represent the Andean Trend and antithetic transform structures. East-northeast trending veins offset northwest trending veins and are likely younger. Veins pinch and swell along-strike and with depth. The outcropping quartz vein system is host to drill-ready targets, located within an extensive belt of volcanic hydrothermal systems, which district-wide include a variety of mineralization styles.

Previous historic development exploited over 5,700 tonnes of material averaging 7.45g/t Au from selective underground mining of 0.8 metres to 2.5 metres mineable widths. Based on the veins textures, the ore mineralogical assamblage and the hydrothermal alteration assemblage, we conclude that the hydrothermal system is poorly eroded, therefore, it is highly probable that the low sulphidation veins at Coriorco goes to 250 m to 300 m depth.