Health & Safety

At Silver X, safety is an inherent part of all our activities and processes, so its management is the responsibility of everyone and not just of one particular area. From the Board of Directors to the various operational areas, we are committed to promoting a safety culture that allows us to do things well and guarantee that our collaborators return home safely. 

In 2022, we conducted 146 training sessions on a wide range of topics from the proper use of personal protective equipment to accident prevention to security. We also established an Occupational Health & Safety Program based on ISO 45 001: 2018. 

During 2022, Silver X, as a preventative measure, has kept in place its guidelines for the prevention and control of COVID-19, which has allowed us to minimize and control the spread of cases within our operations. In addition, our emergency care has been strengthened in the Tangana mining unit, where there is now health personnel available at all times.