Our Approach

Silver X believes in sustainable development by encouraging and leading economic mining activities. We aim to achieve this in two ways; by promoting working relationships with local suppliers and businesses, and by assisting external organizations in bringing business to our mining district to enable autonomous growth in other economic areas.

Our Commitment

Sustainability is at the root of our culture. At Silver X we are committed to responsibly extracting resources and sustainability is an intrinsic part of everything we do. Our role as a sustainable mining company is not only to create value for our stakeholders today, but also to ensure a positive legacy for the future after the mining cycle has ended.

We have an ongoing commitment to:

  • Invest to make our operations more efficient in terms of emissions and consumption of resources such as water and energy.

  • Increase our levels of transparency in our reports and communications on the commitments we have assumed.

  • Align all our activities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.