sustainable development

sustainable development

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Our Approach

Silver X believes in sustainable development by encouraging and leading economic mining activities. We aim to achieve this in two ways; by promoting working relationships with local suppliers and businesses, and by assisting external organizations in bringing business to our mining district to enable autonomous growth in other economic areas.

Our Commitment

At Silver X we are committed to responsibly extracting resources and sustainability is an intrinsic part of everything we do. Our role as a sustainable mining company is not only to create value for our stakeholders today, but also to ensure a positive legacy for the future after the mining cycle has ended.

We have an ongoing commitment to:

  • Invest to make our operations more efficient in terms of emissions and consumption of resources such as water and energy.
  • Increase our levels of transparency in our reports and communications on the commitments we have assumed. 
  • Align all our activities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability is at the root of our culture

Corporate Governance

Silver X recognizes the importance of implementing good corporate governance. Within this framework, since 2020 we have implemented the following practices:

  • The Company requires all of its officers, directors and employees to reflect high standards of business and personal ethics in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  • The Company expects all of its representatives to adhere to the Code of Ethics and all other Company policies and to report any suspected violations.
  • The Company is committed to achieving compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the place where it operates and those applicable from the parent company.
  • Internal controls are in place and the Company's operating procedures are intended to detect and prevent or deter improper activities.

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Occupational Health & Safety

At Silver X, safety is an inherent part of all our activities and processes, so its management is the responsibility of everyone and not just of one particular area. From the Board of Directors to the various operational areas, we are committed to promoting a safety culture that allows us to do things well and guarantee that our collaborators return home safely.

In 2022, we conducted 146 training sessions on a wide range of topics from the proper use of personal protective equipment to accident prevention to security. We also established an Occupational Health & Safety Program based on ISO 45 001: 2018.

During 2022, Silver X, as a preventative measure, has kept in place its guidelines for the prevention and control of COVID-19, which has allowed us to minimize and control the spread of cases within our operations. In addition, our emergency care has been strengthened in the Tangana mining unit, where there is now health personnel available at all times.

Our People

As part of the Silver X culture, we seek to grow by integrating employees from the areas where we operate. During 2022, we are proud to report that 55% of our non-professional workers were from the Huachocolpa Community. The highest percentage registered (85%) is in the Nueva Recuperada zone (Processing Plant).

We are also proud that more skilled labor positions are being filled by local personnel, which translates into greater professionalization for the community of Huachocolpa To date, 11% of our skilled labor is local, a figure that we are committed to increasing to 15% in 2023.

Environmental Responsibility

At Silver X, our commitment to the environment is expressed through the development of actions that minimize and mitigate the impact of our activities. This is why we have developed specific guidelines for the efficient use of natural resources - such as water - used in our operations, as well as the protection of biodiversity where we operate.

Our Environmental Management approach is focused on four pillars:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Water Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Environmental Permits

Social Development

Our presence in Huachocolpa since 2018 has allowed an economic reactivation of the district, mainly through the hiring of local personnel and suppliers, which has motivated the return of many young people who had to migrate due to lack of employment opportunities.

Our social intervention is currently based on the following pillars:

  • Local economy development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Productive development
  • Infrastructure
  • Social Relations

At Silver X our goal is to be a tool for change that promotes development in the areas where we have our operations.